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Free Essential eBooks with Healthy Living Tips | Med-ucation Blog

Free Essential eBooks with Healthy Living Tips

No matter your career, education or salary, good health is important. Your health will be with you for the rest of your life. When you have poor health, even a long life can be disappointing, since you will not be able to enjoy it. On the other hand, a healthy life provides opportunities to feel good and enjoy yourself. You don’t have to be a health care professional to know what’s best for your body. Learn about how to live healthy with these free ebooks on health living:

Fitness and Exercise

Get in shape, and learn healthy tips for staying in shape. Physical exercise is important for keeping up your strength and endurance, and preparing your body for the difficulties of life.

  1. 101 Everyday Tips To Lose Weight Easy: Learn about what you can do to lose weight easily, with these everyday tips for finding opportunities for daily physical activities.
  2. Gain Muscle Mass & Increase Strength: A helpful free ebook that can help you build muscle and increase your strength. Great fitness tips and tricks.
  3. Flab to Fab: Fitness ebook that has been reduced in price so that it is free. Helps you learn how to tone your body, burn fat and get into shape.
  4. How Badly Do You Want It? Your Ultimate Guide to Optimal Fitness: Get a good view of how to become fit. Find your optimal fitness, and learn how you can get yourself into shape in a variety of interesting ways.

Nutrition and Diet

Learn how to eat healthy. Includes information on proper nutrition, and how to create a diet plan that will help you find your way to better eating.

  1. Fifty Salads: Great salads that can help you enjoy eating healthy. Great nutrition, for free.
  2. Healthy Eating for Life: Learn how to create a life of good nutrition with this free ebook. Tips on changing your diet for better health.

Mental Health

Find out how you can improve your mental health. Includes helpful tips for a healthier emotional experience and spiritual guidance.

  1. Free Ebook on Mental Health and Energy: Learn tips on living more positively and improving your mental health.
  2. Beautiful Calm Meditation: Meditation can help you improve your mental and physical health. A great way to calm and relax yourself so that you can enjoy better health.
  3. The Golden Key to Prayer: For some people, prayer is helpful. It can be helpful to your mental health to feel a connection to a higher power. Learn how to pray, and how it can help you feel healthier and happier.


Party of health living is engaging in healthy relationships. Learn how to build good friendships and loving life partner relationships, as well as connect better with family members.

  1. Love 101: Learn how to develop a healthy relationship with yourself. The cornerstone of healthy relationships with others is knowing how to relate to yourself. A great primer on getting to a place where you can connect with others.
  2. How to Survive the Loss of Love: Tips for moving on when a relationship ends. Whether you are grieving over the death of a loved one, or whether the relationship is coming to an end some other way, you can learn how to cope.
  3. Balancing Your Life: The Complete Guide to Managing Work and Family: Learn how to keep your family relationships intact, even though you work. Great tips on keeping up with your career, while you enjoy family time. A great primer on including balance in your life.
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