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Excellent Free eBooks for Health and Wellness | Med-ucation Blog

Excellent Free eBooks for Health and Wellness

Are you hooked on health and on free ebooks? This list of excellent free ebooks for health and wellness may sate your quest for at least a short while. Topics range from aging to pain management, and many ebooks are online or in PDF format. If you own a Sony Reader or Kindle, or use a MobiPocket, you’ll also find many books to fit your venue as well.

The titles below were gathered from a variety of sources including Gutenberg Press, Google Books, some university presses and more. The titles are arranged alphabetically within each category to show readers that we do not favor one health and wellness ebook over another. After each listing you’ll learn how that free book is displayed, or the type of device you must use to read the book.


  1. A Guide to Global Age-Friendly Cities: This guide, which is based on consultations with older people in 33 cities in 22 countries, has identified the key physical, social, and service attributes of age-friendly urban settings. [PDF]
  2. Aging Concepts and Controversies: The Fifth Edition of Aging presents key issues in an engaging and accessible fashion. This textbook covers basic concepts followed by controversies, supported by carefully chosen adapted readings. [Online]
  3. Handbook of Theories of Aging: Renowned researchers examine biological, biomedical, psychological, and social science concepts and theories in this text. [Online]
  4. Older Persons in Emergencies: An Active Aging Perspective: The 2002 United Nations Madrid International Plan of Action on Aging (MIPAA) recommended greater recognition and enhancement of the positive contributions made by older persons during emergency situations, and this report is the result. [PDF]
  5. Screening for Elder Abuse: This is a critical review of what is needed in order to advance knowledge by Primary Health Care (PHC) workers about elder abuse and makes recommendations about detection as a first step for the management and prevention of elder abuse. [PDF]
  6. Sixty, Sexy, Sassy and Free: A Real Woman’s Story of ReInvention: Ann Fry is 60-years-young and ready to start life over. Gather inspiration from this honest and humorous book. [Online and PDF] Note: this book is now $10.
  7. The Aging Population in the Twenty-First Century: Get up to speed on statistics for health policy, provided by the Panel on Statistics for an Aging Population. [Online]

Disease and Illness

  1. Foodborne disease outbreaks: Guidelines for investigation and control: This publication investigates food safety and food control for professionals. However, the format and writing are fairly generic and easy to understand for the layman. [PDF]
  2. GERD: Heartburn might be a symptom of something more serious, such as the gastrointestinal disorder called GERD (gastro esophageal reflux disease). Learn more from this ebook provided by Cooper University Hospital. [PDF and Mobipocket]
  3. High Blood Pressure – The Silent Killer: Tom Venuto interviews Frank Mangano about the best natural ways to lower blood pressure, reduce your waistline and take back your health. [PDF]
  4. Insects and Diseases: Learn how insects may spread or cause common diseases. [All]
  5. Intestinal Ills: This book is a compilation of contributions to Health, a monthly magazine published in New York City. Articles cover all types of intestinal illnesses and their affects on health. [All]
  6. Lyme Disease: This link provides a series of free ebooks on Lyme disease. Send in your email to gain access. [PDF]
  7. Vector-Borne Diseases: Understanding the Environment, Human Health, and Ecological Connections: This title is part of the Pandemic Influenza Special Collection, a ten-book series that examines status of preparations, implementation strategies, and other aspects of the US response to the threat of pandemic influenza. [Online]


  1. 5 Min Better Abs Exercise Program: This free eBook gives a concise easy to understand 5 min abs program for you to follow. Register for free membership to download. [PDF and Mobipocket]
  2. Delivering Fitness: Your Guide to Health and Strength Training during Pregnancy: An easy-to-read ebook about fitness and nutrition during pregnancy. Enjoy key strength-training exercises specifically designed for each trimester and for the postpartum period. [Online]
  3. Fitness: The Guide to Staying Healthy: This link takes you straight to the online version of this book, developed to help you learn more about your fitness factors. [Online]
  4. Keeping Fit All the Way: How to obtain and maintain health, strength and efficiency in your life through diet and exercise. [All]
  5. So…You’ve Decided to Get in Shape (Again): Provide your email address to have this free ebook sent to you via email. Craig Harper is an author and motivational speaker from Melbourne, Australia who believes that the mind and heart have much to do with your physical shape. [Unknown]
  6. Stretching Tips: This free ebook turns readers on to seven stretching secrets that reduce your chances of sports injury. [PDF]
  7. Injury Free Running: This ebook comes from the Natural Running Center to make you a more efficient and faster runner. [PDF]


  1. An Introduction to Cell Food, with Kevin Negrete: An interview with Kevin Negrete that focuses on questions about cell foods. [Zip PDF]
  2. Big Fat Lies: Body Builder Tom Venuto reveals twelve of the “biggest scams, cover-ups, lies, myths and deceptions in the diet and weight loss industries.” [PDF]
  3. Diet and Health: Although this book originally was written in 1924, it remains a valuable addition to your free ebook library simply for the information on calories, consumption and health. [Online]
  4. Eat Right, Live Right the Mediterranean Way: This quick guide to kick-starting your metabolism, controlling your weight and living a healthy life is free with a click of a button. [PDF]
  5. Human Foods and Their Nutritive Value: This book was prepared for the author’s classroom to cover the composition and physical properties of foods. [All]
  6. How To Build Your Own Personalized Meal Plan: No matter your activity level or metabolism – this short ebook covers all the find points on how to plan a healthy menu. [PDF]
  7. No Animal Food: This book is all about vegetarian cookery. [Online]
  8. The Chemistry of Food and Nutrition: The Vegetarian Society of Manchester published this book that focuses on cooking your way to health. [All]
  9. The Healing Power of Sunlight and Vitamin D: Register for free at Natural News to receive this exclusive interview with Dr. Michael Holick, an authority on vitamin D and the healing power of natural sunlight. [PDF]
  10. The Healthy Life Cook Book, 2d ed.: Florence Daniel’s book about vegetarian cookery is available at Project Gutenberg. [Online]
  11. The Wellness & Nutrition Landslide: Linkerton Publishing provides this book, which concentrates on healthy recipes and nutritional choices. [PDF]
  12. Weight Loss for Food Lovers: Understanding Our Minds and Why We Sabotage Our Weight Loss: Learn why a deep love of food, rebellion against excessive deprivation and perceived benefits to being overweight may sabotage many healthy weight loss goals. [Online]

Overall Health

  1. 140 Health Care Uses for Twitter: This is a compilation from the popular blog post with the same title. [PDF]
  2. 2020 Vision: Health in the 21st Century: Learn more about this nation’s health debate and health care delivery systems in a consumer-oriented society. [Online]
  3. Get Healthy, Get Happy: Make small changes in your daily life to create a healthier, happier and better you. [Online]
  4. Natural Health, Natural Medicine: Any Dr. Weil fan can enjoy this free ebook, offered by Google Books. This book incorporates Dr. Weil’s theories of preventive health maintenance and alternative healing. [Online]
  5. Pause – Putting the Brakes on a Runaway Life: This free ebook challenges the chaos in life with moments of fun, adventure, and self-care. [Online]
  6. Sixty Practical Tips and Ideas for Health and Fitness Nerds: Learn how to improve your overall health and fitness with this free ebook. [PDF]

Pain Management

  1. Assessment and Management of Acute Pain in Adult Medical Inpatients: This 52-page booklet, published by the Department of Veterans Affairs, is a systematic review of pain management treatments for adult medical inpatients. [PDF]
  2. Chronic Pain Management: This free ebook provides a concise and thoroughly practical guide to the management of chronic pain. [Online]
  3. Eliminate Headache Pain: Download this free ebook with a simple free registration and learn how to eliminate your headache pain. [Online]
  4. European Guidelines for Prevention in Low Back Pain: Learn more about recommendations that concern common low back pain, covering both episodic and persistent symptoms. [PDF]
  5. Injury in America: A Continuing Public Health Problem: Although injuries kill more Americans under age 34 than all diseases combined, little is spent on prevention and treatment research. Learn more about this issue from this free ebook. [Online]
  6. Stop Headache Pressure Point Program: Register for a free account to download this book that contains simple, natural and effective self-help techniques that Chinese people have used for over 2000 years to stop headaches. [PDF and Mobipocket]
  7. The Anxiety Relief Program: Are your worries and anxieties out of control? Learn how trust, acceptance and ‘mindfulness’ can help you relax and become pain free. [Online]
  8. Where Does It Hurt? Terry O’Brien empowers the back pain sufferer with information that can enable them to confidently manage back pain, treatment and rehabilitation. Free registration required at Free-eBooks. [PDF and Mobipocket]
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