25 Famous People Who Got Swine Flu

Are you worried about H1N1, the new strain of flu that is about to make another rebound after the first round became evident in mid-April 2009? You might take a hint or two from some famous people, who are not immune to H1N1, but who have taken measures to avoid contracting this illness. Despite face masks and the refusal to shake hands however, some famous people have contracted H1N1, otherwise known as Swine Flu. Who are they?

The following list contains famous people from around the world who have contracted H1N1. The list is categorized and each link within the categories is listed in alphabetical order for your convenience.

Actors/ Television Personalities

  1. Chris Eakin: Chris Eakin is a newsreader on the BBC’s 24 hour rolling news channel, BBC News.
  2. Harry Smith: Another TV show host, Harry Smith for the Early Show, told viewers that he believed he had the H1N1 virus in mid-September. He taped a video from his New York home to air on the show.
  3. Jackiey Budden: Mother of deceased reality star, Jade Goody, was treated at a Spanish clinic where she was treated for possible H1N1 symptoms. It appears she has recovered.
  4. Nazrudin “Naz” Rahman and Sheahnee Lee: This celebrity couple in Malaysia both were confirmed infected by the H1N1 virus in July. Naz recently appeared in the hit drama series Ghost and has hosted NTV7’s the Breakfast Show while Sheahnee is a newscaster on NTV7.
  5. Rupert Grint: Harry Potter actor, Rupert Grint, was one of the first celebrities to contract H1N1. He was down in July, but has since recuperated. His only symptom was a sore throat.


  1. Baby V.O.X.: A singer with the last name Kim, was suspected to have H1N1 and quarantined in July. Baby V.O.X. is a popular South Korean female band.
  2. Heidi Range and Amelle Berrabah: Two singers of the group, Sugababes, contracted the H1N1 virus at the end of July.
  3. Jens Lekman: Swedish Indie rocker Lekman contracted H1N1 while on tour in South America in June. He recuperated after a rest at home in Sweden.
  4. Kasabian: The entire band picked up the H1N1 virus somewhere between Japan and Australia, and were forced to remain in Oz to recuperate during the latter part of August. This means Australian shows were cancelled, but they intend to play Malaysia.
  5. Kim Hyun-jung: Although this article stated that Kim was the first Korean celebrity to be diagnosed with the disease, it appears that Baby V.O.X. beat him to it. He was diagnosed in September, whereas V.O.X. felt the H1N1 sting in July (unless the Baby V.O.X. story was a hoax…). Kim is a pop idol and actor, a member of the boy band SS501.
  6. Stephy Tang: Tang was declared the first Hong Kong celebrity who succumbed to H1N1. She returned to work the second week after her diagnosis.
  7. Tulisa Contostavlos: Lead singer for chart-topping British band N-Dubs was diagnosed with H1N1 in early May. Despite numerous confirmations of her hospitalization, in August – when it was suspected she was sick again – she stated, “I don’t have swine flu – it’s not physically possible to have swine flu twice anyway but no I don’t have swine flu – I never had swine flu!”
  8. Zainal Alam Kadir: According to AsiaOne Health, this singer went to Singapore and came back with H1N1 in July, but he’s recovered nicely.


  1. Alvaro Uribe: Colombian President Alvaro Uribe was diagnosed with H1N1 at the end of August. Uribe is the second Latin American leader to come down with the swine flu.
  2. Cherie Blair: Wife of ex-British Prime Minister Tony Blair was diagnosed with H1N1 in mid-July.
  3. Michael Gove: The Shadow Cabinet minister for Children, Schools and Families in the UK, Michael Gove, was diagnosed with H1N1 after his wife contracted the flu virus.
  4. Oscar Arias: Arias was the first Latin American political leader to contract the H1N1 virus in mid-August.


  1. Landon Donovan: U.S. national soccer team midfielder, Donovan stated he tested positive for the H1N1 flu virus in mid-August. Donovan, who also plays for the Los Angeles Galaxy of Major League Soccer, said he felt ill when he arrived in Miami to train for the World Cup qualifier against Mexico in Mexico City.
  2. Makiri Pugh: Georgia defensive back Makiri Pugh tested positive for swine flu in early September. Coach Mark Richt said after Saturday’s 24-10 loss at Oklahoma State that Pugh, a redshirt freshman, did not travel with the Bulldogs after testing positive for the swine flu.
  3. Micah Richards: The Manchester, England footballer was stranded in a holiday resort after contracting H1N1 in mid-July. He recuperated after rest and a series of Tamiflu meds.

Sports Teams

Note: It’s football season, and coaches across the country fear an outbreak of the H1N1 virus. With team members in close proximity on the playing field and in the locker room, the possibility of games suffering from lack of players is very real. We’ve listed a few teams – which we have treated as singular entities – that have been incapacitated for a short period, thanks to H1N1.

  1. Duke: Nearly half of the 99 players on Duke’s football team have been treated for symptoms believed to be related to the H1N1 virus, Blue Devils coach David Cutcliffe announced in mid-August.
  2. Stillman College: This team canceled its home opener against Clark Atlanta because of H1N1. Coach L.C. Cole said he noticed players with flu-like symptoms after a morning workout. Cole said he felt compelled to cancel the game after he learned that about 37 of his players had become sick.
  3. Tulane University: This college reported as many as 31 football players and six members of the volleyball team were believed to have come down with the flu, prompting Tulane to cancel the football team’s Fan Day and keep the volleyball team from playing its season-opening game in Nebraska.
  4. University of Mississippi: Ole Miss Rebels players, QB Jevan Snead and starting RB Dexter McCluster, were among 22 Rebels reported with the flu in early September.
  5. University of Wisconsin: The Wisconsin Badgers had at least ten players affected by flu-like symptoms, UW officials announced in early September.
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