40 Incredible Online Radiology Tutorials

Are you interested in a radiology career? If so, you will need to keep up with the latest techniques and technology in the field. Whether you are just starting out with your education to become a radiologist, or whether you have years of experience, it can help to brush up on what is happening in the world of radiology. In order to keep you stay up to date, it can help to make use of the many tutorials that are available.

The Internet is a great place to find helpful information about a career as a radiologist, as well as the latest radiology advancements. If you are looking for help on different techniques, as well as information on reading the images you see, online tutorials can be quite helpful. Here are 40 great online radiology tutorials that can help you reach your goals.

Radiology Open Courseware

Some of the best radiology tutorials come from some of the most prestigious schools in the country. Indeed, you can learn more about radiology, and brush up on different techniques, with the help of open courseware. These courses are usually free of charge and can be quite enlightening.

  1. Noninvasive Imaging in Biology and Medicine: A great radiology tutorial and course dealing with some of the techniques used in x-rays, MRIs and CAT scans.
  2. Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Data Acquisition and Analysis: Use this tutorial to learn more about MRIs, and the data acquisition associated with it.
  3. RadLab: A great offering from Harvard, this RadLab offers different radiologic anatomy tutorials that can help you in your studies, and to help you brush up on radiology.
  4. Radiation Terror 101: Use this course to learn about general principles of radiation and radiation safety. An indispensable tutorial from Johns Hopkins.
  5. Lieberman’s Interactive Tutorials in Radiology: Just what it sounds like, this Harvard open courseware collection offers a look at different techniques in radiology.
  6. Principles of Medical Imaging: MIT offers this great tutorial on the basics of medical imaging. Learn about how it all works.
  7. Holographic Imaging: This is a cool course on holographic imaging. It’s a cool course that can be a great way to learn more about how imaging works.
  8. Advanced Clerkship in Diagnostic Radiology: A collection of helpful documents and tutorials related to radiology and diagnosing different conditions and injuries.
  9. Radiology Teaching Files: Yet another offering from Harvard, providing insight into radiology and providing case studies.
  10. Imaging in medicine: The Open University offers a great course on the principles behind using imaging in medicine.
  11. Medical Image Interpretation: This English language tutorial from Korea University offers some hints on interpreting medical imaging.
  12. Introduction to Modeling and Simulation: A great tutorial on modeling and simulation that radiologists can find helpful and interesting, although not strictly about radiology.
  13. Biomedical Information Technology: While not strictly a radiology tutorial, this course is nevertheless helpful for those working with medical technology, and a radiologist would find it interesting and helpful.

Image Galleries

Learn more about radiological images when you look through these image galleries. These provide practical tutoring on what different conditions and injuries look like. Image galleries can offer great practice so that you will know how to interpret what you see in real life.

  1. Case of the Day: A great image gallery that can help you understand different case studies.
  2. Medical Pictures and Definitions: Great tutorial for learning to identify different body parts, conditions and injuries on various medical images.
  3. Clinical Image Gallery: Learn by seeing. Great look at different clinical images, and become a better radiologist.
  4. Technique and Image Gallery: Learn more about different biomedical imaging techniques, and see helpful and instructive images.
  5. ARS Image Gallery: Learn more about different images, and what different conditions and injuries look like.
  6. Radiology Galleries: You can get access to teaching notes and tutorials along with the images in these galleries.
  7. Medical X-rays: Get a look at different images. Great practice.
  8. Airways and lung collapse: A great tutorial that can help you learn about what a lung collapse looks like on a chest x-ray.
  9. Image Gallery: This doctor offers helpful medical images that can be of use to radiologists.
  10. Images MD: Includes photos as well as radiological images. Great explanations and more.
  11. Dental X-ray Photo Gallery: Learn more about different types of dental x-rays. A great tutorial.
  12. Brain-Saving, Mind-Blowing Hi-Tech Medical Imaging: Get a look at the next generation of medical imaging with help from this Discover magazine tutorial.
  13. 3D-Doctor Image Gallery: Helpful modeling. Perfect for the radiology student or professional who also wants to see simulations, and understand how modeling can help in the field.
  14. ColorXrays: More of a fun novelty site, it is still interesting, and the colors highlight different areas of interest on medical images.

Radiology Blogs and News Sites

If you want acces to some great radiology tutorials, breaking headlines, and helpful how-tos and tips, these sites can help. Plenty of tutorials, as well as commentary to put the latest techniques and news in context. These blogs and news sites can help you become a better radiologist, as well as keep you up to date and ensure that you are well informed.

  1. Aunt Minnie: One of the best web sites for tutorials, how-tos, tips and news related to radiology.
  2. Dave’s Places in Radiology: Find images, tutorials and even career help. A great place to go to keep up with all things radiology.
  3. Sumer’s Radiology Site: One of the best places on the web in terms of radiology. Includes tutorials and commentary on Radiology 2.0.
  4. Learning Radiology: Case studies, tutorials and helps for exams you are likely to come across.
  5. Radiology Case Reports: A great resource and tutorial based in practical case studies.
  6. David Clunie’s Blog: Tutorials, opinions and commentary on the latest developments in the field of radiology.
  7. Radiology Tutorials: Visit this web site to find plenty of tutorials and insight into radiology.
  8. RadiologyEducation: A great place to start when looking for radiology resources and tutorials.
  9. Dalai’s PACS Blog: Tutorials and reviews on the latest equipment. Cool radiology site.
  10. Cool MRI Stuff: Check out this site for tutorials, commentary and news.
  11. Medscape Radiology: Tutorials, latest news, and helpful hints to the latest techniques. Includes practical guides and commentary.
  12. Radiology 101: A basic look at radiology, including cool tutorials and hints.
  13. Veterinary Radiology: Radiology isn’t just for humans; check out this great site on animal radiology.
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