Top 44 Medical Technology Blogs

Medical technology is constantly providing interesting breakthroughs and techniques. Additionally, technology provides the means to better diagnose and treat diseases. If you are interested in what is happening in with medicine and science, you can read a number of blogs that specialize in looking at the technology behind our current medical practice.

Medical Technology and Science News

221238656_bd2fe7022cThese blogs focus on news related to medical technology and science, including stories from different medical professions.

  1. Med Tech Sentinel: This blog from OneMedPlace features news stories focused on medical technology and science advancements.
  2. Med.Tech.Blog: Addresses current issues and news in medical technology today, and goes over the latest news and issues.
  3. Med Tech: This is the medical technology blog run by Tech News World. Offers a geek view as it features the latest in medical studies and technology advancements.
  4. medtech Pulse: News and information on technology developers and issues in medicine and health today.
  5. MedTech IQ: This community features blog posts from different sources on what is happening in medical technology.
  6. Medical Technology News: Stay up to date on medical technology issues with this blog from Science Daily.
  7. Interesting news and information on what is happening in the world of medical technology and science breakthroughs.
  8. The Medical News: Offers information on medical research and technology in a variety of medicine related fields.
  9. MTB Europe Medical Technology News: Get information and news on the development of medical technology in Europe.
  10. Medical News Today: The latest headlines in medicine and technology, as well as the latest happenings.

Breakthroughs and Inventions

There have been a lot of interesting medical technology breakthroughs and inventions. Keep up to date on the latest developments, and see what’s coming next.

  1. medGadget: A blog devoted to looking at new breakthroughs and gadgets that improve medicine.
  2. Health and Medical Devices News: Learn about the latest health devices available in the field of medicine, as well as what might be coming in the future.
  3. Ivanhoe’s Medical Breakthroughs: This blog devotes itself to covering the latest breakthroughs in medical technology, and looking at upcoming inventions.
  4. Latest Medical Breakthroughs: Discusses the latest medical technology research and breakthroughs, and the implications they could have in the future.
  5. Latest Medical Technology: Addresses the latest technological advancements in medicine and introduces new devices.
  6. Time’s Top 10 Medical Breakthroughs of 2009: It’s a blog post, not a blog, but this reference to Time’s breakthrough list from 2009 at ProCPR Blog offers insight into some of the most interesting breakthroughs.

Radiology and X-ray Technology

Read about the issues and news related to radiology, and see how x-ray technology is helping the medical field.

  1. Imaging News – CT, MRI, and PET: This blog focuses on the latest developments in the world of imaging and radiology.
  2. Top Radiology News: A collection of interesting radiology from around the Internet via Alltop.
  3. Radiology 101: Learn the basics of radiology, and other aspects of medical technology.
  4. Tomography Blog: Keep up with what is happening in radiology and imaging.
  5. Not Totally Rad: A look at medical technology from a humorous and down to earth perspective.
  6. Radiology Art: This is a cool med tech blog that features images that have been turned into art. Very interesting.
  7. X Ray Technician Blog: Learn about interesting topics in x-ray technology.
  8. RadGirl Radiology Blog: Insights into radiology and medical technology.
  9. Radiology Ramblings: Thoughts and information on radiology and related medical technology subjects.

Medical Science

Read about the science that leads to our up and coming medical technologies.

  1. Advancing Science: This is the medical science blog from the Mayo Clinic, so you know it’s trusted source for what’s happening in the world of medical science.
  2. Health and Medical Research News: Keep up with medical science news from this blog at SciCentral.
  3. Science Based Medicine: A look at medicine as a science, and information on the relationship between science and medicine.
  4. Science Translational Medicine: Looks at translating science into useful applications in medicine.
  5. NeuroLogica Blog: Looks at neuroscience specifically, and makes interest connections between science and medicine.

Medical IT

Information technology with a medical twist. Learn how IT is helping the medical profession.

  1. Healthcare Technology News: A look at what goes on with health care and technology.
  2. The Health Care Blog: This blog has been described as “The New England Journal of Medicine meets Wired.” It is aimed at looking at health care and health technology.
  3. Neil Versel’s Healthcare IT Blog: A look at the common issues in health and medical IT.
  4. Future Health IT: A medical IT blog written from a British perspective.
  5. Medical Connectivity: Aims to address issues related to making medicine more connected through technology.
  6. HIStalk: Medical IT news, opinion and commentary.
  7. The Healthcare IT Guy: Insight into how medical information technology works.

Medical Informatics

The combination of medicine and technology has given rise to a whole host of new possibilities, and health informatics helps to put medicine together with science and technology to make it more effective.

  1. Health Informatics Blog: Learn about the intersection of computers, IT, technology and medicine.
  2. HealthNex: A look at what can happen when medicine is combined with technology.
  3. Biological Informatics: Learn about biological medicine and how it interacts with technology.
  4. Health Care Renewal: This blog is about using technology and other ehealth tools to improve the medical system.
  5. Ted Eytan, MD: Get a physician’s view of medical science, technology and what the next steps are.
  6. Goomedic: Informatics, medicine, and different technology tools aimed at improving medicine.
  7. Mobile Health Computing: An interesting blog about integrating medical technology and information for those who are on the go.

This post was updated on December 31, 2014 to remove links to websites that do not exist anymore.

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